January 17 2020 new moon astrology

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Hiding in plain sight, Scorpio? Flying under the radar may help you maintain your mystique—but it can also backfire by making you invisible. This full moon challenges to balance your need for privacy with your desire to stand out. Call us crazy, Sag , but we think you might be a little too open-minded.

What have you got to prove, Capricorn? Actually, quite a lot! Are you forgetting someone, Aquarius? No one puts you in a corner, Pisces —except sometimes yourself. You were born to be wild, Aries. This full moon helps you highlight your best features so you can shine your brightest.

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Taking a back seat can be hard on your pride, but at this full moon, you may have to take one for the team. Interested people are interesting, Gemini.

Gemini Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

But constantly trying to prove to others how interesting you are? At this full moon, just speaking from the heart about what really matters to you makes you fascinating enough. Are people just ungrateful, or are you expecting too much? Honestly, it may be a little of both. Virgo Good work is its own reward, Virgo. Libra The more, the merrier, Libra! Scorpio Hiding in plain sight, Scorpio?

Sagittarius Call us crazy, Sag , but we think you might be a little too open-minded. Capricorn What have you got to prove, Capricorn?

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  • Aquarius Are you forgetting someone, Aquarius? We have six of them, three full moons and three new moons. Of these, the February 19 full moon showcased the closest and largest full supermoon of There was one August 1. There are two more coming up on August 30 and September The second of these three new moon supermoons — on August 30, — will present the closest new moon supermoon of Of course, these new moons will be invisible to the eye, crossing the sky with the sun during the day.

    But they will cause larger-than-usual perigean spring tides , which people living near the coast will surely see and discuss. Read more: Tides and the pull of the moon and sun.

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    View larger. Read more about this image. Some astronomers complain about the name supermoon. We notice even some diehards are starting to use it now. Such is the power of folklore. Perigee just means near Earth. The moon is full, or opposite Earth from the sun, once each month. And, every month, as it orbits Earth, the moon comes closest to Earth, or to perigee. The moon naturally swings farthest away once each month, too; that point is called apogee. No doubt about it.

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    Supermoon is a catchier term than perigean new moon or perigean full moon. Check it out in the video below. Some people mistakenly believed a full supermoon would look much, much bigger to the eye. But supermoons do look brighter than ordinary full moons! Yet, a supermoon exceeds the area disk size and brightness of an average-size full moon by some 15 percent — and the micro-moon by some 30 percent.

    For a visual reference, the size difference between a supermoon and micro-moon is proportionally similar to that of a U. All full moons and new moons combine with the sun to create larger-than-usual tides, called spring tides. But closer-than-average full moons or closer-than-average new moons — that is, supermoons — elevate the tides even more.

    These extra-high spring tides are wide ranging. High tides climb up especially high, and, on the same day, low tides plunge especially low. If you live along an ocean coastline, watch for them!


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    They typically follow the supermoon by a day or two. Do extra-high supermoon tides cause flooding? Maybe yes, and maybe no. Flooding typically occurs when a strong weather system accompanies an especially high spring tide. Around each new moon left and full moon right — when the sun, Earth, and moon are located more or less on a line in space — the range between high and low tides is greatest.

    These are called spring tides.

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    • A supermoon — new or full moon at its closest to Earth — accentuates these tides. Image via physicalgeography. But, at these times, if a storm strikes along a coastline, flooding can occur. Image via NOAA.