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Even when the birth time is known up to the hour, it is still better than just a date. Any computerized rectification can not substitute for the originally reliable information. A form for data input is given below. Please specify the person's birth time in the hour format and the birthplace. For the birth time, set the search range. However, with this value is better to specify with a small margin, to include all possible errors. The birthplace of the horoscope's subject must be selected from the list.

If the desired city is not there, you can specify the nearest settlement. Otherwise the local time settings may be defined incorrectly.

Birth Date. If the Sun or the Moon changes the zodiac sign in the given time interval, then the user is prompted to select the combined reading, which is most consistent with the nature of the person. By choosing one of the options we are reducing the search interval and thereby simplify future work.

If the sign does not change, then the program skips this step and automatically moves to the next. At the second stage, the program defines the Rising Sign Ascendant and whether this sign is changed in the entire time interval.

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If the Rising Sign is the same throughout the interval, the program skips this step and proceeds to the next. If the sign is changed, the user is prompted to select the reading that is best for the horoscope's subject. Sometimes, as a result of some astrological factors, the person's unselfish interests and system of values may be distorted suppressed, undeveloped. For example, while the Aries Ascendant, a higher value for the person is victory over rival physical superiority.

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Nonetheless, sometimes life is such that as a result of any injury or abuse, the person does not want victories or battles. Initial values and priorities are driven into the subconscious, and on the surface there is only frustration about the incident. Predisposition to such scenarios is usually indicated in the horoscope. This will be a footnote in the table, and this should be taken into account when considering the interpretation of the Rising Sign.

Choosing the Ascendant, it may happen that several options will seem equally appropriate. For example, Gemini and Virgo. Note, this trend does not always work, but for lack of a better option, it can be used in the rectification. Having defined the Ascendant, the program considers various options of the birth time, taking into account predisposition to events. This refers to events or situations that do not occur to everybody, but which, as a rule, are well marked in the horoscope. For example, celibacy, childlessness, many children, imprisonment etc.

The user receives a list of a few of such events, where one must specify the extent to which they refer to the horoscope's subject. This answer means that the event or situation is uniquely characteristic of the person. You can also select this option if certain events occur in a person's life too often. You may work in the fields like administration, military, police, real estate and property development intelligence, securities.. You are very sharp and intelligent and very innovative. You may have good sense in architecture and research. You would like to win enemies at any cost even if it requires some sacrifice.


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You help people whom you like most and never extend even a finger for those disgraced. You speak on the face without any shy whoever they may be. You never fear for anything or anybody in life. You go after earning mon in many ways and enjoy the life alone. Sharing is a very rare thing in your life. If decide about something you never change your mind even if many of your friends oppose it. You are on the whole a determined pers different than many in your circle.

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You will be commanding and for your decisions on others whether they like it or not. Ladies in this rasi always find a good life partner and work very honestly. They are very intelligent and tough. Most of them keep goo relationship with their parents even after marriage and balance between their own family and in-laws easily. They are very calculative a take responsibility where ever they are.

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